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The following list maple hyper stat guide is based on personal opinion and a maple hyper stat guide general feel. MaxHP % Increase. I need help with what hyper points maple hyper stat guide I should invest in. maple hyper stat guide For optimization for your hyper stats (and more), make sure to check out DelusionDash&39;s Calculator Guides.

140, you can view the Hyper Stat window through the character stat window (hotkey S) and clicking on the Hyper Stat button. Trios can also be 3 sets of skill that YOU prefer to upgrade together. Five points are given per level each time you level up. You will maple hyper stat guide receive Hyper Stat Points beginning at Level 140. Night Lord Hyper Skills.

maple hyper stat guide These two benefit you in both mobbing and grinding (most of your skills are 100% crit). Enter Your Stats. Invest the obtained Hyper Stat points to increase your Hyper Stat levels. MIHILE CHANGELOG. Open the stats guide window (Primary Default Key “A”) maple to check out these new stats available!

The STR increase from this is not affected by % STR or % maple hyper stat guide All Stat increase. All around, all the skills are very pretty especially the 4th job and Hyper Skills like Song of Heaven, Spiralling Vortex, and Monsoon. PRIMARY STAT: STR (Strength) LINK SKILL: Guardian maple hyper stat guide of Light – Resist Knockback 90/110/130 maple hyper stat guide sec. 8 rounded to 11694 We have obtained a bow that has a higher base stat of 11694 compared to a bow that has 11646 just maple hyper stat guide by applying an emblem scroll at a different rank! This section focuses maple hyper stat guide around maple the primary Stats you should be using in a general order of importance. While there are countless of guides, but many of them are outdated, doesn&39;t specify which to take, or are just completely irrelevant to Phantom&39;s hyper stats and passives. If you have equipment with primarily maple one of the above stats, use the Auto-Assign in that one first to take full effect of your gear. Considering the limited availability of hyper stat points, investing in direct damage is almost always the best option.

maple hyper stat guide Hayato also has a secondary resource called Sword Energy which certain skills consume. Hyper Stat Point Calculator:. I&39;ve been playing in reboot recently, because obvious reasons *cough* easier guide time funding and leveling *cough* However, with my 140+ characters i have a hard time allocating hyper stats points, i mean, in scania (and maple hyper stat guide other servers that aren&39;t reboot) your priority is % Damage, to guide get that boost to range, however since %Damage maple hyper stat guide stacks so easily in reboot (50% at 1% at maple hyper stat guide 200) i see maple hyper stat guide this.

Hyper Stat types and max levels are as follows. Legion System, also known as the Maple Union, is an in-game system that allows players to use their characters as attackers on a battlefield while having them to give bonuses account-wide based on the level and maple hyper stat guide job of each attacker. 140, Hyper Stat points will be given each time you level up. I tried looking up a guide, but the most recent one I could find seems rather odd. Most important ones are: damage and critical damage. This is a guide designed for GMS only. If you don’t have 100% Critical Rate you might want to consider Critical Rate.

The story begins with maple hyper stat guide a special Nova girl named Tear. MapleStory cc/maplestorycalculatorsGMS Meta CommunityA place where the Global maple hyper stat guide MapleStory community can come together for GMS Meta guide reso. The MapleStory Hyper Stats Optimization Calculator has been reworked. This MapleStory class has it&39;s own storyline for player&39;s to follow and it&39;s recommended to complete it so that you unlock all aspects of Maple World and the special Recalling Greatness buff (+10% Critical Damage, +10% Attack Power).

You have 3 maple points, 3 skills, and they all only consume 1 skill point each. The first three skills are a given. SuckHard&39;s Maplestory Tools. Good move, that MapleStorySEA has finally see the needs of increasing the damage for all the unfunded maplers, and if you maple hyper stat guide have 1m+ range now, you can expect a 200k-300k range increase from this Hyper stats (mainly from damage %). MapleStory Hayato Skill Build GuideHayato is one of Sengoku Warrior or also known as a samurai wielding Katana aka Kataka (primary weapon) and a sheath (secondary weapon). maple MapleStory Hyper Stats Overview. Cada 10 maple hyper stat guide niveles después del nivel 140, los puntos hiperestadísticos que obtenga al subir de nivel se incrementarán.

Purge Area – Enhance → Frailty Curse – maple Enhance. That would be Total/Final damage Crit damage IED Boss damage. you should never invest Hyper stat points into your main stat because those stat points don&39;t scale with % stat. Hyper Stat Calculator. I know HP will be the top priority for damage, but what do I work on after that one? Critical Rate isn’t that important since you should have a high Critical Rate already with Sharp Eyes and some Links/Legion. . Hyper Stat Points Requirement.

I&39;m 30 and I logged onto Basilmarket. Hyper Stats is accessible by clicking “Hyper Stat” button in your Character Stat window. His maple hyper stat guide fighting style is Battojutsu (one of Kenjutsu – Art of Sword) that deals specifical.

This tool is designed to optimize your hyper stats against end-game bosses. Adele is a powerful STR stat based Hero of the Flora race. Maplestory Reboot Guide Created by 4phantom1 / updated by pocket Foreword: It’s about 15k words in length so it’s fairly wordy but I believe does a decent job of explaining some of the gear progression mechanics and game knowledge to newer and older players. Boost Nodes will always contain 3 skills from all your jobs (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and sometimes Hyper). Hayato’s primary stat is STR hyper (Strength). Stat Enhancements 1 Hyper Strength 1 Hyper Dexterity 1 Hyper Critical Rate 1 Hyper Health 1 Hyper Mana 1 Hyper Weapon Defense Now, the reason I would get these particularly is the fact that, well. Click on the Auto-Assign maple hyper stat guide button to invest points to the most appropriate stats for the character. Hyper Stat Points Depending on your character’s level, you can gain higher Hyper Stat Points.

Written by James Chow in Maplestory Adele, an honorable knight of Grandis’ High Flora race, is a new warrior class that you can create in MapleStory who uses stunning Aetherial Swords. Showdown Challenge – Extra Target → Showdown – Spread. Learn more at the Character Stats and Hyper Stats Maple Guide. Learn how to become the Master Thief Phantom by choosing the correct Skills to Steal, optimizing your V Matrix, obtaining the necessary important stats and correctly managing maple hyper stat guide your attacks and 5th Job Skills during battle! A MapleStory project since. With Sword Energy, you also gain bonus stats depending on the amount you have.

Every 10 levels after Level 140, Hyper Stat Points you get upon level maple hyper stat guide up will be increased. so Damage> Crit rate (if not maxed)>Crit Damage> Boss Damage/IED interchangeable>Attack> Main stat. MapleStory Adele Guide• Adele 1st~5th Job Skills Showcase: be/IeBWBqBSs98• Website: com/riseOVERVIEW:00:00 - IntroAdele,.

Hyper Health (MAX) 10. At every job there is a cumulative passive bonus for hitting certain levels of each stat, like for first job having 20 in str gives you a Stance bonus, and having all three at 20 gives you a % damage bonus. LVL43 Maple Lama/Nocturnal Staff 58 TMA LVL45 Diao Chan Sword 61 TMA LVL53 Heart Wand 70 TMA LVL64 maple hyper stat guide Maple Wisdom Staff/Shiner Wand 81 TMA LVL70 Black Umbrella 80 TMA (6 all requirement) LVL70 Elemental Wand 1/2 86 TMA LVL70 Elemental Wand 3/4 85 TMA LVL75 Kebob 90 TMA (seriously) LVL77 Maple Pyrope Wand 93 TMA LVL77 Maple Pyrope Staff 95 TMA.

MapleStory Mihile Hyper Skills MapleStory Mihile Training Spots Level 1-250. Heya, maple hyper stat guide I was wanting to ask if anyone knew what Hyper Stats I should be working on for Demon Avenger? 163 – FIREPOWER UpdatesGMS v. The creation of this tool was motivated by this fact, and is intended to allow funded players to monitor the effects of their upgrades after 2m~2m range. Hyper Stat Points are used increase your Hyper Stats. CHARACTER CARD: Defense +2/3/4/5%. .

Hyper Strength (MAX) maple hyper stat guide 12. A common misconception in MapleStory is that the maximum damage range is maple hyper stat guide 2m~2m. Increases your Final STR stat.

MapleStory Hyper Stats Overview. Updated/maintained maple hyper stat guide since maple hyper stat guide July by Pocketstream. According to the guide it says: 9. Hyper Stat Type Each type of Hyper Stat and its maximum level are listed below. Purge Area – Slow → Frailty Curse – Slow.

Showdown Challenge – Reinforce → Showdown – Reinforce. maple I started playing Maple again because I maple hyper stat guide have run out of t 2 helpingly Wow,. The best Hyper Stats for Pathfinder Bossing are, in order, Damage, IED, Boss Damage, Critical Damage, Dex. Cost 5,000 Spell Traces. By applying and succeeding an emblem scroll now, we get 30% more stats that pushes the weapon to: 8996*1. 157 – Shinning Stars.

MIHILE RELATED GUIDES. Angelic Buster Guide, the Idol of the Battlefield, is the Pirate variation of the Nova class and was introduced in the fourth part of the Tempest Update. Welcome to MapleStory&39;s Master Thief Phantom Guide! When a Boost Node has three skills that are important for a Job, it&39;s called a Trio. The points can be used to increase various stats, such as main stats, critical rate, and damage. Please refer to the table below. Hyper Stats are a system of obtaining additional stats, starting at Level 140, with points obtained for each level obtained beyond 140. Hayato also has two stances one for mobbing and one maple hyper stat guide for bossing which you can switc.

Base Stats (From. Keep in mind that this should by no means be a concrete guide to your Hyper Stat Point distribution, only my strongest. Players will now obtain additional benefits from the Synergy Grid. Percentage based stat increases hyper will also be adjusted spontaneously.

Innocence Scroll 30%: Reverts the equipment maple hyper stat guide back to its original stats maple hyper stat guide (except potential, bonus potential and bonus stats). Hyper Stats es accesible haciendo clic en el botón "Hyper Stat" en la ventana maple hyper stat guide de Stat de personaje. Ark Innocence Scroll 30%: Works exactly like Innocence Scroll but Star Force (and its relevant stats) will be kept. Maplestory Reboot Guide. Hyper Stat Types. Hyper Stat puntos se utilizan aumentar su Hyper Stats. maple hyper stat guide same thing as the guide except put puts into arcane power if you can reach the 2x damage af bonus with maple hyper stat guide it.

Purge Area – Boss Killer. She uses Bladecasters as her Primary weapon and Bladebinder as her secondary. While this is the maximum displayed damage range, there is no bound on the actual damage range. Hyper Speed (MAX) 11. This system replaced the Character Card system while retaining the aspect of character bonuses. Showdown Challenge – Enhance → Showdown – Enhance. Hyper Weapon Defense. Once you reach Lv.

The stat window can be viewed by using the S hotkey by default. (Add in 10 points to Arcane Force maple hyper stat for. Hayato is a STR warrior class part of the Sengoku. Created originally by 4phantom1. I was wondering which hyper stats/passives to take, specifically optimized for those who lack damage and defense. You will also learn some Tips and Tricks, the skill build you should go for, how to efficiently farm and train, learn.